I’m happy to endorse Thomas Frank

Nancy King wrote a letter of support:

I’m happy to endorse Thomas Frank for City Council. My husband and I moved to West Linn from Portland in 2001 with our two sons. We chose West Linn because of the community support for schools and the uniqueness of the environment. What we didn’t expect, when we arrived, was the amount of divisiveness and poor leadership in the City’s elected officials.

Choosing wisely when it comes to West Linn’s City leadership is key. The more I’ve become involved as a citizen the more I have a true appreciation for those, like Thomas, that want to step up and help.

Thomas Frank take a pragmatic approach to things that West Linn needs to get done and those things that West Linn wants to add for the future. I’ve worked with him on both the police station bond campaign and planning for a pool in our future. His decision making is based on sound fiscal management and the key economic drivers that will continue to make West Linn a place where families want to raise their children. Thomas Frank has my vote.

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