Thomas Frank is an ‘A+ leader’

Alice Richmond wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on October 24, 2012:

Thomas Frank and his family have lived in West Linn for some time now, and for the same reasons we all do: geographic environment, neighbors, schools, parks and events organized by community volunteers. He is involved, too.

However, we still witness discord within today’s council panel. Frank will propel a healthier and unbiased quality with intellect and integrity. Frank will engage city issues to benefit all residents. Frank’s upright, quiet, yet quick-witted character will bring much needed altruism to our city.

For the last four years we’ve been tossed from a maniacal elected executive to passive-submissive political governance, lacking leadership. Frank has the attributes and ability to motivate city council to focus on the city’s priorities and projects. His charitable volunteerism with St. Vincent de Paul sanctions his efficient countenance/accountability proves a credit of trust.

Frank has proven his character while currently serving on the planning commission.

His knowledge of business and how to educate/connect with people prove his capabilities as an outstanding councilor. Frank’s amiable and approachable style makes him an A+ leader. We deserve Frank’s skills in representing us all at city council. Frank is honest, respectful, productive and promising. He has poise.

Frank is the difference with genuine principles, qualifying him for our votes.

To read the article in the West Linn Tidings Click Here.


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