Frank is dedicated to the future of West Linn

Phil Bransom wrote a letter of support published in the West Linn Tidings on October 4, 2012:

I had the opportunity to work with Thomas Frank while serving on the West Linn Police Station Task Force and on the police station PAC. The result was successful voter approval for a new police station.

I support Thomas Frank for city council. He is dedicated to the future of West Linn and its best interests. During the year I worked with him, he displayed the type of leadership and commitment to community development residents need. Transparency of city government is a must. In the many formal meetings and individual coffees I had with Thomas, there was never a time I felt he was being self-serving.

The segment on his bio on his website holds true: “Thomas plans to take into consideration all stakeholder’s opinions and viewpoints. He wants the best for West Linn and is willing to work with every citizen in the community to achieve these goals.”

West Linn is my home and my family’s. I want leadership in city government that will listen to our needs and not have their own personal hidden agendas. I truly believe if elected, Thomas Frank will be a citizen leader and will be a voice for every resident of West Linn.

To read the article in the West Linn Tidings Click Here.


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