West Linn was honored by the 142nd Fighter Wing by being included in the Cities of Honor Program. The Cities of Honor program started in 2007 as a way to honor the outstanding community support of the Oregon Air National Guard receives from local communities that are home to Oregon Guard members. As a City of Honor, a uniquely designed piece of nose art symbolizing that city will be dedicated and flown on one of the 142nd Fighter Wing F-15s for years to come.

Historically, nose art was used to personalize combat aircraft and boost unit morale. To date, 11 cities have been honored in separate events at the 142nd Fighter Wing’s Portland Air National Guard Base. In time, all 21 of the Wing’s F-15 fleet will display nose art work that honors all 21 cities.

The art work highlights West Linn as the “city of hills, trees, and rivers.” We are situated between the Willamette and Tualatin rivers and the largest meteorite ever found in the United States (32,000 pounds) was discovered in West Linn by settlers in 1902.

Here are pictures from the event:


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