West Linn Cash Mob – August 24, 2012

It’s time for our third cash mob event!  In case you missed the first two, they were a great success! 

Our third cash mob event will target a small business in the West Linn Central Village Shopping Center.  Take a few minutes out of your Friday afternoon and give a struggling business a boost!  As a bonus – you get a 10% discount at the cash mob site!

Meeting Date: August 24, 2012 – 5:30PM
Meeting Location: West Linn Central Village Shopping Center – Meeting outside of five-0-three Restaurant
Travel Time: Walking – Under 1 Minute

1.  Show up on time (or else you may not know where we are going)
2.  Commit to spend $20
3.  Meet 3 people you didn’t know before 
4.  Have Fun!

What is a Cash Mob?
A Cash Mob is where we will meet at a specified location, usually near the business we are looking to “mob”, and the business will be revealed.  A cash mob is designed with two things in mind – SUPPORT A LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESS & HAVE FUN!

Where will the Cash Mob meet?
Every event will be different and have a different meeting place.  

Why be a part of the West Linn Cash Mob?
Supporting a local business generates more than the average person sees.  Supporting these businesses does not only help their store, but also allows them to hire service workers such as accountants, plumbers, and cleaners.  Although directly this could be the shot in the arm that the business needs to make it through the month.  

What if I don’t need anything from where the Cash Mob is shopping?
Unfortunately this happens.   What we ask is that if you attend a Cash Mob that you spend a minimum of the $20 regardless.  You could buy something for someone else, or just buy a gift certificate for a later date.




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