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We have all felt the impacts of the recent downturn in the economy and you might even know someone who is struggling to survive – the number of job losses, underwater mortgages, stricter budgets, higher gas prices, etc. The Recession has taken its toll across all sectors of the economy and we may hate to admit it, but the dire economy is showing the effects on businesses in our very own City of West Linn.

As you drive around, take notice of the number of vacant commercial spaces which used to be occupied by independent, local business operators. With the pressures and challenges of little foot traffic and high cost of operations due to increased gas prices, wages, etc., many of these small, local businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. These businesses directly support a family and/or employ our neighbors. It’s high time to show our support and help our local businesses that have survived – we don’t want to see another space go dark.

As a way to help these businesses prosper in a time of need, I have partnered with the West Linn Chamber of Commerce to help launch our very own West Linn Cash Mob. Many surrounding communities have started their own successful monthly cash mobs so I am pleased to announce that this Saturday, June 9th, we will do our very own!

It doesn’t take much to help out – Meet and be a participant in the cash mob at 2:00pm at the Robinwood Shopping Center parking lot near the Hwy. 43 entrance. Come prepared to spend at least $20 to spend at the business that is chosen. The business that will be supported will be announced at the time of gathering. Being on time is important since the business of selection will be announced once a mob has been formed.

For those who are unaware of what a cash mob is, a Cash mob is the movement that started as a derivative to the ever-popular flash mobs. Instead of a mass of choreographed individuals dancing, the focus on the cash mob is to encourage a large number of individuals to help support a selected local business during a set time and date and provide an economic stimulus.

The impacts of these cash mobs are significant. Many times this could be the difference to make a profit for the month. Supporting a local business generates more than the average person sees. It might allow the business to hire needed service workers such as accountants, plumbers, or maintenance/repair services. It might provide the needed staples to help families survive by providing food on the table. Whatever it may be, you and I can help with this event, magnifying the economic ripple effect while having fun doing it!

Come meet and mingle with your neighbors, meet new faces, discover a new business, and do your part to help make an economic difference within our community! For more information, visit my website at www.ThomasAFrank.com. Hope to see you there!




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