Month: June 2012

  • Kickstarter Scam Alert

    Kickstarter Scam Alert

    Kickstarter has been a great funding source for many projects, but beware of a new scam that is out there.  Thanks to The Onion for its hard hitting reporting.    

  • West Linn Leadership Academy

    West Linn Leadership Academy

    After many months, I am pleased to report that a cohort of West Linn Citizens (including myself) graduated from the first West Linn Leadership Academy.  We discussed the structure of West Linn, challenges, and opportunities.  It was a great to meet other concerned citizens and make new friends.  Special thanks to all the guest speakers,…

  • Drumming up Business

    Drumming up Business

    Big thank you to everyone who made the cash mob a success!  We were able to make a real economic difference for a local business.  The first recipient of the inaugural West Linn cash mob was Healthy Pet.  This local and family owned business recently relocated from Cascade Summit to Robinwood Shopping Center to avoid…

  • Op-Ed Cash Mob

    Op-Ed Cash Mob

    Published in the West Linn Tidings We have all felt the impacts of the recent downturn in the economy and you might even know someone who is struggling to survive – the number of job losses, underwater mortgages, stricter budgets, higher gas prices, etc. The Recession has taken its toll across all sectors of the…