Thomas Frank For Council

Thomas Frank has lived in West Linn with his wife since 2004.  His interest in participating on city government boards came about in 2006 as a result of wanting to help the city of West Linn during a period of crisis.  Since then, his citizen involvement has enhanced the strength and transparency our city government needed.  Frank, a native Oregonian, received his Bachelors degree in Finance from Portland State University and an MBA from the University of Portland.

Over the last several years Thomas Frank has served on six (6) city boards: Tri-City Committee (Vice Chair), Transportation Advisory Board, Citizen’s Budget Committee (Vice Chair and Chair), Community Police Facility Development Committee, West Linn Police Station Steering Committee and, currently, the Planning Commission for West Linn.  He has also worked tirelessly on the West Linn Police Station PAC that successfully advocated for the passage of an $8.5 million bond measure to give our officers a safe and adequate facility.  This successful bond measure election was the first to pass in thirteen years.

In addition, Frank has worked with St. Vincent DePaul through a conference that serves the West Linn area.  In his ongoing desire to be of assistance to West Linn citizens, the St. Vincent DePaul activity has allowed him to see firsthand the diversity in economic levels here and how important emergency assistance is to our fellow citizens.

Frank, an attentive listener and careful decision-maker, plans to take in to consideration all stakeholder’s opinions and viewpoints.  He wants the best for West Linn and is willing to work with every citizen in the community to achieve these goals.

Thomas Frank feels strongly that economic development should be a main priority.  His vision includes supporting area small businesses, the Chamber of Commerce and finding ways to welcome new business opportunities.  This, he feels, will make West Linn financially stronger and remain a vibrant, vital community for all our citizens, young and old.  Other top priorities include strong public safety, city infrastructure, and city services.

For more information please contact Thomas by clicking here.

The full press release may be downloaded here.




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