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Traeger Ironwood 885 Initial Seasoning & Defective Lids

This spring, I upgraded my Traeger Grill from the Pro 22 to the new Ironwood 885. The new grill upgraded all the components adding a new variable-speed fan and auger; an insulated barrel to keep heat in better, downdraft rear venting; and bigger pellet hopper. After...

The Best Local Grindz on the Big Island

Always when traveling I try to find the local cuisine and experience what the locals eat. Hawaii’s traditional food is a fusion of cultures of Asian, Polynesian, and American.

Exploring The Big Island – Part 4

After leaving the Volcanoes National Park, we decided to drive around the Island to Kona. On the way there, we stopped at Punaluʻu Beach. This is one of the most famous black sand beach in Hawaii.





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