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  • Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 10

    Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 10

    We woke up early today to make our way to the stations of the cross and then to the Holy Sepulchre. By the time we got to the Holy Sepulchre, there were many groups ahead of us and a long wait time to view Golgotha and the tomb of Jesus. We went to Calvary first […]

  • Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 9

    Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 9

    This morning we left the hotel early for a day of seeing the sites around Jerusalem. We started to follow Christ’s passion as he returned to Jerusalem starting on Palm Sunday. We followed his footsteps with all the events that happened to him starting on Thursday night of his passion and celebrated Mass at the […]

  • Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 8

    Holy Land Pilgrimage Day 8

    This morning we traveled to the Western Wall. The old walls that surround the Temple Mount are just massive. Looking at the types of stones that were used, sizing of them, and the details of manufacturing, we can determine which King or empire built what and when. There is so much that has been destroyed, […]

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